Surrealist illustrator and designer Paige Greyhart weaves fantastical tales of otherworldly dimensions and the mysterious creatures who haunt them. Born in rural Texas, Southern Gothic aesthetics has been a monstrous influence in her work, which often depicts dreamy, scratchy, magical inkscapes.

“I’ve always been that weird spooky girl lost in my own daydreams, scribbling childlike imaginations in my sketchbook. My works range from whimsical to macabre, stemming from the most vulnerable depths of my essence. I believe it’s imperative to explore the most innocent and darkest parts of yourself, the most precious and taboo secrets of your subconscious; it’s intensely revealing.”

Working with pen/ink and graphite in the majority of her artwork, she reflects, “I’ve had minimal formal art education aside from the occasional class, and much more prefer to consistently keep my sketchbook on hand. Ink and graphite are what you’d call my ‘first language’. It has always been my habit to pick up a pen or pencil and rather intuitively hatch and blend my daydreams away. There’s something revealing about laying your soul out on paper, unforgiving mistakes and all. It’s messy and wild and beautiful.” She also explores watercolor paint, crochet, needle felting, and photography.

Paige, her husband, and their son live in Los Angeles, California with their two feline furbabies. When not working on an illustration she can be found listening to her extensive playlists on Spotify, crocheting or knitting soft autumn-wear, playing video games and TTRPG’s including Dungeons & Dragons and Starfinder, watching animé, homeschooling her 2nd grader, and breathing in the salty breeze at the beach. A few dreams she’s working on include illustrating children’s picture books, graphic novels, oracle and tarot decks, and moving to the lush countryside to raise free-range ducks, grow organic herbs, and live closely with nature.

If you’d like to know more feel free to send her a message or read her FAQs – a few topics she touches up on include favorite art materials, special ordering out of stock items, custom orders, collaborative work, pricing, and shipping information.